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Built for today’s social enterprise networking, the highly connected, collaborative GroupWise@Home workspace leverages Web 2.0 resources to enhance every interaction. Access wikis and blogs. Add favourite Web pages to your Home View panels and organise your tasks and projects.
This version of GroupWise is perfect for usage at home - the full feature set of the normal GroupWise with some cool enhancements created by members of the Open Horizons community.
See yourself! You can easily download GroupWise@Home. Get it now and get organised at home. It will put what you need at your fingertips. E-Mail, calendar, addresses, tasks and a lot more of great features. Check it out!

PLEASE NOTE: GroupWise @ Home can NOT be installed on a computer on which a copy of any other GroupWise version is already installed. Make sure to completely un-install any previous version of GroupWise. Please be aware that in the GroupWise @ Home version certain features for corporate usage have been disabled - therefore it can NOT be used to connect to a corporate GroupWise environment.

GroupWise @ Home is free of charge, created by the community for the community.


System Requirements

Windows client workstation requirements

Any of the following Windows versions, plus the latest service pack for your version of Windows:
  • 32-bit/x86 processor or 64-bit/x86 processor running in 32-bit mode
  • Any of the following desktop operating systems for the GroupWise Windows client:
    • Windows XP on a 300 MHz or higher workstation with at least 128 MB of RAM
    • Windows Vista* on a 1 GHz or higher workstation with at least 1 GB of RAM
    • Windows 7* on a 1,5 GHz or higher workstation with at least 1 GB of RAM
  • 200 MB of free disk space on each user's workstation to install the Windows client
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Third Party Solutions

GroupWise@Home will have a few third party solutions. You can read more below as well as at the separate Third-Party pages.

Thunderbird 2 GroupWise

Klaus Igel has created a cool tool to migrate the content of a Thunderbird account into your GroupWise mailbox - check it out here.

The GroupWise Powerguide

The perfect resource for the advanced user - more than 300 pages full of tips & tricks about GroupWise 8 - created by several members of the Open Horizons community. Check it out here.

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