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The highly connected, collaborative GroupWise@Home workspace leverages Web 2.0 resources to enhance every interaction. Access wikis and blogs. Add favourite Web pages to your Home View panels and organise your tasks and projects. Get GroupWise@Home! Learn more and download now!


Created by Volunteers

The GroupWise@Home project is driven by GroupWise gurus and enthusiasts. The GroupWise@Home Team and Working Group members are volunteer developers, designers and administrators who have worked together to make GroupWise available in even more places around the world. Read more...


Open Beta @ EMEA Summit

During the EMEA Summit in Vienna (AT) on December 1 the GroupWise@Home team  – in particular Tommy Mikkelsen, Christian Heselhaus and Erno de Korte – announced the Open Beta of GroupWise@Home - "to be available soon". And just before Christmas 2009 this cool new collaboration solution has become available.

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